6.8 Playing and Cueing Elements (v3.0)

Load and Play an Element Instantly

In case there is currently no Element loaded on the particular layer, the Load and Play function can be executed.

  1. Make sure the destination Layer of the Element is empty.

  2. Select the Element in the Workbench.

  3. Press and release the alt-key to load and play the Element.

Cue and Play a Video Clip

In some situations it is necessary to show the first frame of the next Video without starting the Playout itself which is called Cueing.

In case a Video clip is already loaded to the Timeline, but the Playout has not started yet, you can cue the first frame of the first Video in the Video Track.

  1. Add the Video to the Timeline. Do not start the Playout of the Video clip yet.

  2. After the Video has been added to the Timeline, hold down the command-key while pressing the Play button.

  3. The first frame of the Video is now cued.

  4. To start the Playout press the Play button without holding down any key.

Workbench Double-Click Actions

It it possible to define a Workbench Double-Click Action in the Preferences of just:live. By default this functionality is disabled, but you can choose from one of the following options:

  • None

  • Load

  • Load and Cue

  • Load and Play

Refer to chapter 3. just:live User Interface Overview & Preferences.

Only Videos can be cued, so in case Load and Cue is used as the default action, the cue will be ignored for non Video Elements.

Executing Actions on Multiple Layers

It is possible to execute actions on multiple layers at the same time by holding the command-key while clicking the first Element of each layer. When issuing the Play command it will then be issued to all selected layers.

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