6.6 Attribute Modification (v3.0)

Selecting an element in the Workbench or in the Timeline, loads it into the Preview window of the Control Area and shows the attributes of the same element in the Inspector.

Preview Window: Allows to Preview Videos, Audio and Graphics elements and shows a Poster frame for Events.

Inspector: Allows to change the Attributes of the selected Folder, Video, Audio, Graphics or Event element. Please see chapter 4.4 Inspector for more information.

Trim Window: Select a Movie in the Library, Workbench or the Timeline and press cmd-T on your keyboard to open the Trim window. The Trim window allows you to set a new In- and Outpoint (and Posterframe) for the selected movie. Please see the chapter 4.5 Trim window for more information.

You can duplicate a Video, Audio, Graphics or Event element in the Workbench to generate a second instance of the same element. Each instance can then have different attributes assigned to it. This allows to use the same graphics template but with different text in it for example.


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