5. Customising The User Interface (v3.0)

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  1. Show Library/Inspector/Timeline/Video Trimmer: Show or hide the main areas of the user interface.

  2. Workbench List Columns: Choose which Workbench columns will be shown. You can also show or hide all columns at once.

  3. Static Timeline: Activate or deactivate the Static Timeline.

  4. Hidden Timeline Layers: Show or hide timeline layers. Depending on the configuration of your system administrator the content of this menu may look different than the one shown here.

  5. Clear All Warnings / Errors: Clears all warnings and errors which may have occured.

  6. Enter Full Screen: Brings the user interface into full screen mode

Collapsable Library and Inspector

You can collapse the Library and Inspector to gain more space. When collapsed, small icons will still be displayed, allowing quick access of the Library and Inspector tabs of your choice.

The figure above shows just:play, but the functionality is the same in just:live.

Open Library and Inspector

Collapsed Library and Inspector

Resizing User Interface Areas

Use the trim handles shown in red to adjust the size of the Control Area, the Library, the Calendar View and the Inspector.

At the moment changes made in the user interface using the mouse are not saved and it is not possible to save a window layout. Both functions will come with a future release.

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