4.3 Workbench (v3.0)

The Workbench organises and views elements which are ready for being aired.


  1. Folder List: You can create folders to organize files. Click the "+" button in the lower left to add a folder. Press the backspace key to remove the selected folder.

  2. Status Column: Displays the status of items (see next chapter).

  3. Name Column: Shows the Poster frame, the names of all Elements and the colour tag in case the element has such a tag assigned to it.

  4. Duration Column: Durations of elements.

  5. Track: Displays the track on which the element will be played out.

  6. Type: Displays the type of an element.

  7. Finish Action: Displays the finish action of an element.

  8. Aspect Column: This column shows the original aspect ratio of the Video with a color code:

    • Yellow: Aspect ratio has been corrected to match the engine's aspect ratio.

    • White: The aspect ratio of the Video and the engine is the same.

    • Red: Aspect ratio has been changed and does not match the engine's aspect ratio anymore.

  9. Dimensions Column: Shows the pixel size of the element (how it will be shown on screen).

  10. Codec Column: Here you can see the codec of the Video with a color code which indicates the selected field order.

    • White: Field order matches your engine's field order.

    • Yellow: Field order has been changed automatically by just:play to match the engine's field order.

    • Red: Field order has been changed manually by the operator but does not match the engine's field order anymore.

  11. FPS Column: Shows the frames per second of a Video. Only Videos with a frame rate which matches the engine's frame rate can be dropped into the rundown. Videos with another frame rate will be rejected when being dropped into the Workbench.

  12. Audio Channels: This column shows the number of Audio Channels of a Video.

  13. Folder Control:

    • Folder View Button: Click this button to hide or show the folder list.

    • Add Folder: Click this button to add a folder. Use the Inspector to rename folders.

  14. Search Field: Allows you to search for files in the Workbench.

  15. Item Count: Shows the number of items selected in the Workbench as well as the total length of the selected elements.

View States

Generic Item

This is an item which is not selected and not yet used in any context.

Selected Item

A selected item is highlighted. Click the button to load the item to the Timeline. The highlight colour can be changed in the macOS System Preference Pane General.

Scheduled Item

The play symbol means that this item is the first item loaded in the Timeline and therefore ready for Playout. Clicking the button plays the item. Holding down the command-key while clicking the button cues the first frame instead of playing the item.

Loaded Item

A number in the status means that this item is scheduled, but it has to wait until the preceding items have finished.

Playing Item

This item is currently playing out. Clicking the button skips the playing item. Holding down the shift-key while clicking the red button pauses the Playout of a Video. Pressing the red button again resumes the Playout.

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