just:store v4.0 Release Notes

NEW – Redesigned User and REST API

In just:store v4.0 we redesigned the user interface and combined the monitor and administration space. The new user interface is much more responsive and dynamically fits every display size while maintaining a clear information display.

We are also happy to introduce the new REST API to interact with our just:store v4.0 backend. By using the API you can further enhance workflow and integrations into your monitoring or production tools.

NEW – Notification Services

just:store is a highly reliable storage solution and includes a five-year depot warranty on all hardware components. However, unplanned hardware or software issue might occur. To prevent and warn about possible issues, just:store v.4.0 features a built-in background service which checks your system and reports issues and warnings on a regular basis. Alert report messages are directly sent to the administrator’s e-mail address and delivered through your SMTP server of choice.

NEW – Identify RAID Disk

In situations where a RAID drive got corrupted, failed or is missing, it is now very easy to identify the faulty drive. A new function to identify the faulty RAID disk has been added to the dashboard and one can set the time where the HDD LED should blink red. This will improve the work for administrators and avoid removing the wrong RAID disk. Furthermore, the details about the raid controllers and the raid volumes status were also improved, so that the administrator gets a precise overview of the RAID system.

IMPROVED – RAID Disk Information

just:store version 4.0 shows you even more information about the SAS-Disks then previous versions. Now you will be able to see the exact location, Firmware, Serial Number, S.M.A.R.T. Error state and the Status of each SAS-Disk. This improvement will help you and your partner in situations like RAID drive got corrupted, failed or is missing. Now you can easily see if all disks of your just:store are working as expected.

NEW – DaVinci Resolve Project Server Support

Version 4.0 of just:store introduces DaVinci Resolve Project Server support, so that you can save and manage your DaVinci Resolve projects on the same central storage location of your media files and allow your team to collaborate seamlessly on multi-user projects.

NEW – iconik Storage Gateway Support

Version 4.0 features a new iconik Storage Gateway (ISG) integration which allows to automatically sync and securely manage your media structure with your iconik instance in the cloud, even if all media are stored on your on-premise just:store solution.

NEW – Adobe Premiere Pro Productions Support

just:store version 4.0 is fully compatible with the powerful Productions feature set in Adobe Premiere Pro, providing a flexible and highly scalable framework for organising projects, and enabling editors to simultaneously work on multiple projects and share the related linked assets stored on the just:store broadcast-optimised system.

In the new just:store v4.0 user interface the network management capabilities with regard to link aggregation were also extended. Previous just:store versions already allowed link aggregation but required either the ToolsOnAir team or a qualified partner to set it up. In just:store v.4.0 the creation and maintenance of link aggregations is now available as an easy setup step to our valued customers. The new setup process supports bonding and teams, an improved version of bonds.

IMPROVED – Authentication Management

Former just:store versions already featured user-based authentication at the share point level. In just:store v4.0 this feature was extended to allow the creation of groups which can have unlimited users and be members of unlimited groups. This new way of authentication not only improves the maintainability for administrators but also enables much wider permission settings. 

With just:store v4.0 it is also possible to set read and write permissions for both users and groups including the ability to also override the permission for specific users which are members of groups. So, if a user is a member of a read-only group, but should have writing permissions for one single share point alone , one can either create a second group or set this user with writing permissions on the dedicated share point.

NEW – Limit Network Bandwidth

One major feature request, now available in version 4.0, was to be able to limit the bandwidth for each network interface in order to balance the amount of read/write actions and prioritize client connections to ensure performance stability, especially for mixed ingest, editing and playout scenarios.

NEW – IPMI configuration

In the new just:store v4.0 user interface the IPMI configuration management is extended to set up the IP Address, Subnet and Gateway. Previous just:store versions have already shown the IPMI Address to have easy access to that Administrator User Interface. In just:store v.4.0 the configuration of the IPMI network settings is now available as an easy setup steps to our valued customers.


In the new just:store v4.0 we improved the integrated NTP Server even further and allow in version 4.0 to add specific other NTP Servers, Peers, Pools and Reference Clocks. Previous just:store versions have already a built-in NTP Server but didn’t allow to customise those settings. In just:store v.4.0 the configuration of the NTP Server is now available as an easy setup steps to our valued customers.


We also allow in version 4.0 to limit the access on NFS sharepoints. Now you can easily manage which clients should be able to have access and which not. Also you can change the permissions for clients for each sharepoint. In previous versions we allowed only to share nfs shares with an unlimited access. In just:store v.4.0 the configuration of the permissions of NFS sharepoints is now available as an easy setup steps to our valued customers.

REMOVED – Internet Sharing

In the previous version, it was possible to use your just:store as a router to share the internet connection from the just:store to the clients which are connected to the just:store.
We decided due to the trends to separate the network connections and internet connections from clients which are connected to the just:store.


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