Marker Presets (4.0)

Marker Presets can be used to predefine different Markers for several recordings. Markers can be used for anything, for instance to mark highlights of sport games or to track chapters/tracks of live coverings. Marker Presets are very flexible and can therefore be used for every recording. Markers end up as metadata directly in the mov-container or as a xmp sidecar file for mxf-container. Markers in Adobe Premiere will look like this.


Open the Configuration Panel, select the desired Device for which you want to create Markers Presets and switch to the Marker Presets Tab.

To make any changes you need unlock the configuration panel.

  1. Marker Preset List: List of Marker Presets created for the selected Device.
  2. Marker List:
    1. Marker Name: Set the name of the Marker here.
    2. Comment: Set an optional Comment Text here.
    3. Shortcut: Define a custom keyboard shortcut here.
  3. Timecode offset in frames: Set the timecode offset for Markers here.

Add/Remove Marker Presets and Markers

Use the marked Buttons ("Plus/Minus") to add or remove Marker Presets or Markers (for selected Marker Preset).

Rename Marker Presets, Markers or Marker Comments

Double-click into the Marker Preset Name, Marker Name or Comment to adjust the content of the selected field.

→ Use the sidebar to navigate.