QuickTime Metadata (just:in v2.0)

just:in comes with a a pre made QuickTime Metadata XML Template. Like the other XML Templates it's located at /Library/Application Support/ToolsOnAir/Just In.

This is how the Inspector looks when you select the QuickTime Metadata Set.

QuickTime Metadata Labels

  • Album: com.apple.quicktime.album
  • Artist: com.apple.quicktime.artist
  • Author: com.apple.quicktime.author
  • Comment: com.apple.quicktime.comment
  • Copyright: com.apple.quicktime.copyright
  • Description: com.apple.quicktime.description
  • Director: com.apple.quicktime.director
  • Title: com.apple.quicktime.displayname
  • Information: com.apple.quicktime.information
  • Keywords: com.apple.quicktime.keywords
  • Producer: com.apple.quicktime.producer
  • Software: com.apple.quicktime.software
  • Year: com.apple.quicktime.year

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