Metadata Values in Naming Conventions (just:in v2.0)

You can use Metadata Values to automatically build the filename of a Recording. You need a XML Metadata Set to continue (as explained above). For this case we will use the example.xml in the folder /Library/Application Support/ToolsOnAir/Just In.

This is how it will be displayed in the Inspector.

Using Metadata Values in Naming Conventions

  1. You can use each node of a Metadata Set within a Naming Convention. In the previous example this would be "quality", "customText" and "special".
  2. Open just:in Engine and go to the Names tab.
  3. Add a new Naming Convention and enter a name.
  4. To add Metadata Values you need to put an exclamation mark in front of the Metadata Values, like shown here:
  5. Close the just:in Engine Preferences and open just:in
  6. Select the previously created Naming Convention.
  7. In this example the <Date> variable would be replaced with the actual date and the other Variables would be taken from the Metadata section.

→ Use the sidebar to navigate.