Preferences: Channels Tab (just:in v2.0)

Accessing the Preferences

  1. Go to the menu Just In Engine.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. The just:in Engine Preferences will show up as seen below.

Channels Tab

Depending on your Video device(s) the Channels tab may look differently.

  • Capture Devices (left side): lists supported Video capture devices. Selecting a device in this list will show the Settings on the right.
  • Name: the desired Channel name, which will also be displayed in the just:in user interface.
  • Device Serial Number: shows the device serial number.
  • Video Mode: select the Video mode.
  • Video/Audio Input: select the Video/Audio input.
  • Audio Bitrate: select the Audio bitrate (native 24-bit for AJA, selectable 16- or 24-bit for Blackmagic).
  • VTR Control: select the serial RS-422 connection you want to use to control your VTR.
  • VTR Preroll in Seconds: set the desired VTR preroll value in seconds (1-10).
  • Chunk Length: defines the maximum length of the Container. The maximun Chunk Length is 12 hours.
    • When Recording does not reach the entered Chunk Length: clips will be automatically truncated to the expected recorded length.
    • When Recording exceeds the entered Chunk Length: a new Recording (generating a new clip) will automatically be started.
  • Start Timecode: enabling this option makes every new clip start with the defined timecode value. 
  • Cache Options:
    • Don't Cache (default): files are directly written to disk, no caching is done.
    • Cache: tells the storage controller to cache data in order to flush it to disk later to improve write performance. If you experience low write performance, enable caching.
  • Video Output Buffer (QuickTime only): number of A/V frames to flush to the storage system at once. If you want to flush once a second, just enter the Video framerate.
  • Output Buffer Segments (QuickTime only): number of Buffer Segments. The Number of Buffer Segments multiplied by the Video Output Buffer (= storage flush size) is the total buffer size. We recommend not to exceed a total buffer size of 250 frames, otherwise the system may run out of RAM.
  • Action on Timecode break:
    • Ignore: Channel ignores timecode breaks.
    • Create new file: Channel creates a new file upon a timecode break.
  • Engine Port: port to access the Channel from just:in over an IP connection. Default is 50000.
  • Communication Interface: select the network interface which should be used for establishing a connection to the just:in user interface.

Enabling a Video Capture Device

By default Video Capture Devices are disabled and thus can be configured. After configuring a Video Capture Device you need to enable it by clicking on the checkbox next to the Video Capture Device name. The Video Capture Device can now be used by the just:in user interface.

To change the Settings of a Video Capture Device you need so uncheck the corresponding checkbox first. Please be aware that the Channel goes offline then and will not be reachable by the just:in user interface. Once you enable the Video Capture Device again, just:in will reconnect to the Channel.

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