Warning Messages (just:in v2.0)

When an error or problem occurs just:in will inform you about that by displaying a message in the appropriate Channel Viewers.

Lost Channel Connection

  • Can be related to a network connectivity problem.
  • Verify the connection between the just:in and just:in Engine.
  • As soon as the connection to the Channel can be re-established this message vanishes automatically.

Signal Loss

  • The Video Signal has been lost and the current Recording will stop in order to safeguard the already recorded clip.
  • Once the Signal is back just:in restarts the Recording.
  • You can optionally choose to continue writing into the same container by enabling this option in the just:in Engine Preferences.
  • We strongly recommend using a frame store on every Channel input in order to prevent signal loss.

Preset Issues

  • When there is a problem with a Preset a warning will be displayed.
  • You can dismiss the error message and fix the issue.

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