Batch Recording (just:in v2.5)

What is Batch Recording?

Batch Recording records a Batch List of predefined In- and Outpoints from a VTR Device. Batch Recording requires a valid VTR Device connection.

Making a Batch Recording

  1. Make sure to have at least one valid Capture and one valid Destination Preset in just:in Engine.
  2. Make sure you are connected to a Channel in just:in.
  3. Select Batch Mode in the desired Channel View. VTR Controls will appear when the remote functionality is enabled on the VTR, otherwise you will not see any VTR Controls.
  4. Open the Inspector of the desired Channel.
  5. Select a Naming Preset and define a clip name.
  6. Select a Capture Preset and a Destination Preset.
  7. Define your Batch List by entering an Inpoint, Outpoint and Duration. Press the Log button for each entry.
  8. If you wish you may modify the other settings.
  9. Now hover over the Channel View. Next to the Inspector button there's a Record button. Press the this button to start the Batch Recording (shortcut: command +R).
  10. You can see the status of the current ongoing Log the table in the Inspector.
  11. just:in informs you when the Batch List has been recorded successfully.
  12. To be able to add new entries to a new batch list you need to clear it by pressing the Clear table button.