About live:cut 4.0

Major Change in Version 3.0

Starting with Version 3.0 live:cut is completely integrated in the just:in User Interface. There is no separate application anymore – instead you may start a live:cut project directly in just:in. Open the menu Channels → Create live:cut project to switch to the live:cut interface.

  • live:cut enables multicam-workflow for up to 16 cameras, dramatically reducing production time by eliminating many time-consuming production processes.
  • live:cut centralizes ingest, metadata logging and take handling.
  • live:cut records an EDL (Edit Decision List) based on trigger information from a hardware or software switcher. This EDL can then be used as a multi-camera sequence in an NLE of your choice.
  • live:cut currently works with Apple Final Cut Pro 7/X, Adobe Premiere Pro and Edius.
  • Trimming, re-editing and slip & slide operations are available a few seconds after the recording has finished.

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Setting up your live:cut System

A live:cut system consists of two main components: 

  • The just:in Engine (mac or linux) for the native video ingest process.
  • The just:in User Interface (of which live:cut is part of) which handles the native ingest process.

We assume a basic level of IT knowledge and experience.

Single or Multi-System Setups

  • Single System Setup: just:in Engine (mac) and the just:in User Interface run on the same machine. This is good for simple setups where the number of video streams is low.
  • Multi-System Setup: just:in Engine (mac or linux) and the just:in User Interface run on different machines. Editing on the machine running the just:in User Interface is still possible. This is good for setups with many video streams.

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