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Below, you can find a list of all known issues related to just:in mac v.6.12:

Just Control

  • After rearranging the devices within the device and channel list on the left side of the config panel, the actual contents of device settings will be displayed incorrectly. Once selecting another device everything will be ok again.

  • The Calendar selection area is disabled when switching from a channel in schedule mode to a channel in crash mode. When switching the crash mode channel into schedule mode, the calendar selection area is disabled. When switching to the schedule mode channel again and then back to the other channel everything is fine again. Or you can switch back to crash mode and then to schedule mode again.

Just In Engine

  • Recording in MXF/AVC-I 100M 1080p5994 will not work correctly. Just Control will present an Error Message instead.

  • Recording in MOV/XDCAM HD422 will not work correctly.


  • If you change the "Service USB" settings, it is required to click the "Apply" button and restart the application; otherwise, the settings will not take effect.

  • Do not disconnect the ToolsOnAir GPI Box while using live:cut, otherwise live:cut¬†will unexpectedly quit.

  • When importing XML into Apple Final Cut Pro 7 it states, "uncritical errors while importing the XML". This message has no further effects and can be disregarded. .

  • When planning recording sessions, please verify that they do not exceed midnight, due to a time mismatch.

  • There is an issue with importing FCPXML into Adobe Premiere Pro regarding stereo track alignment.

  • The Proxy XML path is not working correctly.