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just:in mac lite NDI supports various timecode sources to accommodate your needs.

  • Computer Time: the standard Timecode option available on every Mac, based on Time of Day information.

  • LTC over Audio: used with a USB Audio interface to sense and decode an audio-based LTC signal.

NDI® Sources

The NDI® protocol, originally developed by NewTek™ and Full discovery and recording support for NDI High Bandwidth/HX3 sources based on the open, low-latency video-over-IP protocol, a registered trademark of Vizrt NDI AB, allows the transmission of audio, video, and metadata over standard gigabit Ethernet networks in real time. The NDI® protocol is bidirectional, has low latency, and can carry out video transmissions up to UHD/4K resolution and beyond. just:in mac lite NDI employs the latest macOS NDI SDK to establish connections with available NDI streams within a designated network. Given the inherent characteristics of NDI technology, as well as the variability in networking configurations and infrastructure, it is important to note that the performance and integrity of all recordings might vary. All ToolsOnAir capture and playout solutions or point products fully support NDI® or NDI®|HX NDI High Bandwidth/HX3 to ensure a straightforward IP-based workflow.