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  • Removed irrelevant “Invalid XML” errors in just:control related to running a port service scan on a channel’s port.


  • Improved stability in the API server at port 8080.


  • Resolved an problem that could cause performance issues recording H.264 or H.265 (HEVC) on certain systems.


  • When using a Blackmagic device in UHD (e.g. a DeckLink 8K Pro), the first 16 audio channels are now captured instead of just the first 8. Additionally fixed corrupted audio and/or crashes recording with a capture preset that specifies more audio channels than being currently captured from the input device.


  • The API exposed for just:in Mac now implements the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (“CORS”) mechanism, in particular the HTTP “OPTIONS” method, thus allowing a browser-based user interface to connect to multiple channels with different IP addresses.