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The Just Out application provides the final output (Virtual, SDI, or NDI®NDI®, SRT, UDP. ST-2110). It renders the frames in realtime either on the host GPU (Graphics) or CPU (video file decoding) and should never be quit during playout operations.


Usually Just Out buffers between 0.5 and 10 seconds of the uncompressed final output in the RAM to make sure the playout can continue without dropping frames even under bad conditions. Because Buffer values above 6 seconds can put some additional pressure on the system, the predefined values should only be changed after contacting your local ToolsOnAir partner, or the ToolsOnAir Support SystemTeam.

Bad Conditions

Bad Condition 1

Bad Condition 2

The storage system is not fast enough to deliver the required data. This could happen because…

  • The disk is getting full.

  • Heavy copying of files in progress.

  • Many users access the same storage system at the same time.

  • The file system is highly fragmented.

The GPU isn't able to render the content fast enough because the current Graphic is too complex.


The buffer status is also shown in Just Connect.,


and in Just Control.


The buffer status is shown in the control area, where 0% means an empty buffer and 100% is a full buffer. The higher the value, the better.