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  1. Check which OS version is recommended for the new playout software version from the installer. With version 5.0 we generally support macOS Monterey or higher, which you can download from Apple's App Store.

  2. If you currently run macOS Monterey (12.7.x), go to the “Apple” menu, select “System Preferences” and click on “Software Updates”. On macOS Ventura (13.6.x) or macOS Sonoma (14.5.x), go to the “Apple” menu, select “System Settings”, and click on “General → Software Update”.

  3. Make sure to install all available updates for your software until there are no updates left.

  4. Uninstall the current version using the AJA/BMD Blackmagic Design Uninstall Application and restart the Mac.

  5. Install the latest Video device driver version and all other drivers you may have to update.

  6. Restart the Mac and make sure the Firmware of your Video device is the latest version available.