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This document describes all new features which have been added since v.4.x. Please read What’s New Playout v.4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 for more information about previous releases.



Please note that the use of Apple silicon hardware is generally recommended and mandatory when using real-time realtime graphics under macOS Sonoma (on Apple silicon).


  • Several speed improvements and bug fixes related to the engine and the user interfaces. Please consult the “ReadMe” document in the “Just Playout” folder for all bug fixes and new features available with this new release.

  • Added a new “ToolsOnAir Uninstall” application to the installer image to completely remove all applications, preferences, settings, presets, channels, schedules and other data related to a previous ToolsOnAir software installation.


  • Just Control Configuration window access button. The Multi-viewer Inspector now has an additional button (the “Cogwheel” icon, next to the “Close” button) which opens the “Just Control Configuration” panel to ease the access to the Device/Channel configuration.

    New gear.png

  • New Channel Status icons. In the Multi-viewer Inspector’s “Connections” tab, the icons used to show the Channel status have been changed from the Red (🔴)/Yellow (🟡 )/Green (🟢 ) indicators to icons to display the channel status in a clearer and more understandable way. Additionally, if a channel is selected but currently not assigned to the Multi - viewer, a notification text is now displayed for clarification.

    new icons.png

  • Updated AJA and BMD SDK support. Please update your drivers to version 17.0.1 (or 17.1 once available) if you are using any AJA video devices. Customers using video devices from Blackmagic Design should use driver version 12.9 or higher14.0.x. When using an ATEM device, please update to version 9.5 of the ATEM Switcher Software for improved stability, performance and compatibility.

  • Updated to the NDI SDK v.6 for improved stability and performance.

  • ST-2110 support using one of the Blackmagic Design DeckLink IP video devices.

  • SRT and UDP software only in and out streaming support, compatible with SD, HD and UHD resolutions. Those new streaming capabilities allow customers to stream their content in house or over the internet, using a local or a cloud-based mac. Please contact for more information about the ability to set up Fast Channels using ToolsOnAir software solutions.

    SRT new.jpg

    Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 16.21.05.png

  • SRT and UDP streams support the SMPTE 2038 specifications related to the transport of VANC data (e.g. CEA-708, OP-47, SCTE-104) for both the output and the live input.

  • SRT and UDP streams support ATSC A/53 closed captions in the MPEG transport stream for both the output and the live input. When using a live input, the ATSC A/53 closed captions are disabled if the stream contains SMPTE 2038 information.

  • SRT and UDP streams support SCTE-35 events in the MPEG transport stream for both the output and the live input. When using a live input, SCTE-35 is disabled if the stream contains SMPTE 2038 information. Any SCTE-104 events scheduled using the “Event” option will be automatically converted to SCTE-35.

  • Adjustable encoding parameters. The H.264 profile/bitrate as well as the AAC audio bitrate can be defined when using SRT or UDP streaming out.

    Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 16.21.16.png

  • Supported “live” audio formats. Incoming SRT and UDP streams with MP2 (MPEG-1 Layer II) audio tracks in the MPEG transport stream are supported in addition to AAC encoded audio.