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Using old TOA Quartz Composer Plug-Ins with disabled TOA System Checker may results in unexpected behavior behaviour of several components. If you require TOA Quartz Composer Plug-Ins on your system, please contact ToolsOnAir for further instructions.


Resizing the component in the Workbench results in a stretched rendering of its content. To avoid this, use a shorter "Refresh Period" and press the "Play" button in the toolbar. The Workbench should render the content properly as soon as the refresh interval has been hit. Please note that the final output is always rendered properly, though.

(3) "Typewriter Text"  “Typewriter Text” Component

The initial size of the component is 32x32 32×32” Pixels. This has to be adjusted manually to a proper size.

(4) "Rolling Text"  “Rolling Text” Component

It may be the case that the text is cropped in the lower area. Resize the drawing area to avoid cropped text.

(5) "Skewed Rectangle"  “Skewed Rectangle” Component

A Skew Angle higher than 45°“45°” is not possible.

(6) "Image with Mask"  “Image with Mask” Component

This component may be rendered differently in the Workbench and Preview. Make sure that the mask and the image have the same dimensions.

(7) "Digital  “Digital Time (with separators)Component

When resizing the component, the position and spacing of the separator has have to be modified to match the new size.

(8) "CI Dummy"  “CI Dummy” Component

This component is visible in the Workbench, but not in the final output or the Preview.

(9) "Image  “Image Sequence from Folder" Folder” Component

There is a typo in the displayed error message when using images with a resolution which that is larger than 0.3 3” megapixels. The error message reads "3 megapixels", it should instead be "0.3 megapixels".