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A new activation code is needed to use v3 of just:live and just:play.

MacPro5,1 is not supported anymore and v3 is the last version which support MacMini6,x and MacMini7,x.

Using a video device from BMD under macOS Catalina (10.15.x) on Intel-based Mac's, you MUST run just:out and just:control on separate machines, otherwise audio dropouts will occur while generating the Poster Frames or while working on Finder level.

There are “What’s new” documents available for v3.1 and v3.5 which describe the additional features available, but also the hardware and macOS versions which can be used with those versions.

Customers using Teamviewer to access the Mac running just:out

Using Teamviewer to access a machine running just:out, make sure you have the following settings deactivated in the Preferences of the Teamviewer client (the machine you use to connect to the machine running just:out).


Failing to do so will switch the audio output away from the video device the same time you connect to the machine running just:out using Teamviewer.

macOS Catalina and Intel based Macs only