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  1. Go to the Applications folder.
  2. Make sure just:in Engine is running.
  3. Open the just:in application. The operating system may display a window which says Verifying "Just In". This process can take up to three minutes. If the verification process should not be possible, refer to the Known Issues (just:in v2.0).
  4. When the verification process is done another dialog may appear. Accept the dialog to launch the app. Both – the verification window and the opening dialog will only show once.
  5. The just:in main window appears.
  6. Click the icon in the center to open a connection to a Channel.
  7. Enter the Channel IP-Address and the Channel Port, then press the Connect button. In a default test setup you may use the following data:
    Port: 50000
  8. Upon successful connection just:in displays the Channel Preview.
  9. Read the Before making any Recordings you need to add at least one Capture and one Destination Preset. Read the just:in v2.0 Administrator & User Manual for  for further information.