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Identifying your Mac Model

You need to know the Model Identifier of your Macs to continue.

  1. Open the Apple Menu on the appropriate machine.
  2. Select About This Mac while holding the alt key. The menu item turns to System Information…
  3. The Hardware Overview is displayed and you can see the Model Identifier.


The steps described above may be different on your operating system.

Supported Macs

Qualified Macs for just:in Engine and just:in User Interface
  • MacPro (MacPro5,1) 12-core - Please contact us, when you are going to use this machine for just:in v4.0.
  • Mac Pro (MacPro6,1)
  • Mac Pro (MacPro7,1)
  • Mac mini (MacMini6,1)
  • Mac mini (MacMini7,1)
  • Mac mini (MacMini8,1)
  • Mac mini (MacMini9,1)
  • iMac, iMac Pro and MacBook Pro - Please contact us, when you are going to use one of these machines for just:in v4.0.
Operating SystemmacOS 10.14.6 or macOS 10.15.1 x or higher. Administrator account required.
RAM4GB per channel recommended.

Optimal Environment Temperature Recommendation

  • Run the Ingest servers in an environment where the temperature does not exceed 68° F or 20° C.

  • Manually control the fan speed with a software like Macs Fan Control and to configure it like shown below