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ToolsOnAir offers a NAS called just:store which is optimized for broadcast applications, and we have also been testing other configurations using standard internal disks and various systems from different vendors using directly attached Thunderbolt and eSATA based RAID controllers, network attached storage and SAN systems. Usually these storage systems work fine together with just:in as soon as they have been recognized by the operating system. just:in offers an internal buffer which can be configured to accommodate issues in data throughput of the capture storage for a short period of time.

Minimum Data Throughput


We recommend that the minimum data throughput the storage can provide is at least two times higher than the data rate of the recorded movie + the maximum data rate new files can be copied to the storage.

Here are some advices how to avoid data throughput problems while recording:

  • Avoid any unnecessary load on the storage system like copying from one partition to another.
  • The storage system used for recording has to be able to deliver the data throughput needed for continuous recording under all circumstances.
  • Do not use an Apple Fusion Drive as storage. You may use such a drive for the operating system, though.

Please contact your local TOA partner or contact us directly in case you require any guidance or assistance regarding your storage system.