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Supported Capturing Devices


We recommend to provide a continuously stable signal during your capture processes, otherwise the ingest process may be interrupted and the captured files may not be usable. In order to stabilize the signal in advance (= before it is sent to the Video card input) please use a Audio/Video Frame Synchronizer.

This chapter contains a list of supported video devices to record in SD, HD or UHD. When using a Thunderbolt device from AJA or Blackmagic Design, please make sure that the speed of the Thunderbolt bus is 20 Gbit/s (i.e. Thunderbolt 2) or higher (i.e. Thunderbolt 3). This is especially important when recording in UHD.

AJABlackmagic Design
PCIe Cards
  • KONA 5 (8K firmware required)
  • KONA 4
  • KONA LHi
  • KONA 1
  • KONA LHe Plus
  • Corvid 88
  • Corvid 44 12G (BNC(8K firmware required)
  • Corvid 44 (BNC)
  • Corvid 22
  • Corvid 24
  • DeckLink Quad HDMI Recorder
  • DeckLink 8K Pro
  • DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G
  • DeckLink Studio 4K
  • DeckLink SDI 4K
  • DeckLink Quad 2
  • DeckLink Duo 2
  • DeckLink Duo 2 Mini
  • DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K
  • DeckLink Mini Recorder
Thunderbolt Devices
  • Io 4K Plus
  • Io IP
  • Io 4K
  • Io XT
  • UltraStudio 4K Extreme 3
  • UltraStudio 4K
  • UltraStudio HD Mini
  • UltraStudio Mini Recorder
  • Driver Version: 15.25.x 1 or later.
  • Looping the incoming Source: With the Io4K you may use the UFC Firmware Mode to make the engine loop the incoming source to any output for monitoring purposes.
  • Driver Version: 11.34.1 or later.
  • DeckLink Duo Hardware: We do not recommend DeckLink Duo cards for >2 Channel ingest due to thermic problems and reported frame loss issues. Please use the DeckLink Quad  2 card or the DeckLink Duo 2 instead.