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Supported FormatsPAL, NTSC, HD, UHD/4K
Supported Frame rates
(Codec and Container specific)
23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60.
  • All Apple ProRes
  • Hh.264: MP4 and MOV
  • AVC-Intra 50M/100M
  • XDCAM EX, HD, HD 422
  • Uncompressed SD/HD(8/10-bit)
  • Photo JPEG
  • IMX 30/40/50
  • Uncompressed SD/HD in 8-bit.
  • XDCAM EX, HD, HD422 (HD)
  • AVC-Intra 50M/100M
  • All Apple ProRes
  • h.264

macOS - Codecs



If you do not see any Codec Bundles at this location at the Engine machine, then this macOS machine has no Pro Video Codecs installed:

Code Block
/Library/Video/Professional\ Video\ Workflow\ Plug-Ins/

Video Codec Acquisition

Due to licensing restrictions we are not allowed to ship any codecs along with our products.

To obtain the appropriate professional Apple codecs (ProRes, etc.) you need to install Final Cut Pro X or any other Pro Video Application (like Motion or Compressor) on a separate editing machine. Run Apple's Software Update after the installation and download/update the latest versions of the codecs.


Check regularly for new codec updates on Apple's support site or via the Software Update mechanism built-into OS X/macOS. Please note that this update installer will check for an already installed version of Final Cut Pro 7 or Final Cut Pro X.