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To install just:in we strongly recommend to follow the just:in v2.5 Getting Started.

General Notes

This software requires OS X 10.11.6, macOS 10.12.5 or 10.13.x.

Version 2.5 Changes

Adjustable Preview Quality


You can now change the pixel size as well as the frames per second which are used to generate the preview shown in the user interface. In addition the delay of the preview has been reduced dramatically.

Mouse Over/Exit Preferences


You can now define if the TC Area, the Audio Bars, the Buffer Status and the Toolbar Area are shown or not, if the mouse moves over or exits a Channel Preview window.

Batch Mode


Batch Mode enables customers to control multiple VTR decks within one interface to capture multiple tapes.

Connection Window


The Connection Window allows you to save Channel connections to ease up connecting to Channels.

New Timecode & Channel Name Display


The "t/n" Timecode option displays the Timecode in the top left corner and the Channel name in the top right corner of the Preview. During recording you can also check the elapsed recording time by clicking on the Timecode field.

Multi-Selection of Channel Previews


You can select multiple Channels Previews in the just:in user interface at the same time and then change the Inspector settings for these Channels.

Channel Border Thickness


You can change the border thickness of Channels in the just:in user interface. This helps you to see the state of each Channel easily.

Audio Preview


You can listen to the Audio stream of the incoming Signal to preview the Audio part in addition to the Video preview. It is possible to listen to single tracks but also to turn all Audio Channels on/off with a single mouse click. This is for previewing only and will not replace a hardware device to check the audio quality or AV synchronisation.